Green Day New album

22 03 2009

Hi Penguins!!
Sorry for not posting in a while, and really really nice job Jeditad!
Okay, there are the penguin awards (Oscars) and you can vote in the plaza. Also, now about music, Green Day is making a new album (you dont know green day? go to Here is a video from copyright Green Day!



st pats day party cheats (1, from my site)

15 03 2009

hi penguins, its finally here. there are two free items and a pin. the first free item is the shamrock hat, its at the coffee shop. the second free item is the accordian, in the members only room at the forest. the pin is at the ski hill, its a lucky coin. ill have pics later

    cya     -jeditad

white puffles comming

2 03 2009

transcript from my blog

hi penguins, the white puffles will be available this friday. billybob (the one who posted that they will be here on friday) also said that they are abit smaller than the other puffles. he also said that members can buy up to 16 this friday too. heres a pic=

are they so cute? but the only problem is that they will be for members only, to me they look so cute. 

  well cya  


st. pats day party

1 03 2009

 replica of my post on my site:

hi penguins, the party will come next week, 13-17. heres a sneak peek of the party=

i hope they bring back the shamrock hat. still, they make great parties.


      well cya     


cp music and march parteis

27 02 2009

hi penguins, some of you know that redbluemast has some of the music on his site, right? well, heres some music from the site (hope the links works)=
Halloween party 07

3rd anniversary party

festival of snow party (summer party) 1

festival of snow party 2

st. pats day party

and finally april fools party 07

now heres wats on my mind about the parties they are going to have the st. pats day party 09 and the festival of snow party 09, but im not sure if they are going to have the april fools party 09 this month or next month (April).

thats all for now cya

puffle party and new puffle

20 02 2009

hi penguins, i know i haven’t posted in awhile becuz i had stuff going on in real life. so now im back. any ways, the puffle party is here with an old item, its a puffle bandanna (head), its at the cove. heres a pic with the puff at the dojo (outside)= im having difficulties with the pic, ill show u later.

u should check out the party, its awesome.


11 01 2009

Heyy Penguins!!

Here Is A Ninja Quiz I Made:

Copy And Paste It In The Toolbar Or Click On It